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Block - 4 generations already

1906 - from Cyriel ...
cyriel_block After working a few years as gardener in the castle of Lochristi my great-grand father Cyriel Block started in 1906, with the help of the landlord, his own nursery.
That time the only production was Azalea Indica (indoor Azalea)
1923 - over Jules ...
jules_block In 1923 my grand father Jules Block (1909-1972) started to help in the nursery. Under his impulse they started to grow Rhododendron, Sanseveria, Vriesea Splendens, Achmea Fasciata and Clivia for the local market.
Jules also organized and prepared orders of all kind of plants (f.e. scrubs, small trees and other garden plants ) in order of a major exporter. The exporter gave the orders to my grand father , different growers brought their plants to our nursery. Where they were loaded into trucks for transport to England, France, Germany and other European countries.
1955 - and Daniel ...
daniel_block My father Daniel Block started in 1955. At the age of 18 he went for the first time to Italy to seek customers for his Azalea and Rhododendron. This was the start of our own European export to many European countries as Italy, France, Germany, Spain and England.
1983 - ... to Luc
luc_block I started in 1983. I continued the work of my father to build out a solid European market.
Currently beside our traditional Azalea Indica, Azalea Japonica and Rhododendron we are selling in Europe other pot plants as small conifers (Ch. Ellwoodii, Goldcrest ...), Evonymus, Aucubas, Hebe, Skimmia, Hydrangea, Buxus .....)
In 1993 I decided to give it a try on the international market. The start was in Asia (China, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand).
Our web site has been developed in 2003 allowing our customers to order flowers in a convenient way.
Future ...
For the future I hope to expand also to places in Eastern-Europe , America, Japan, the middle East ....

Yours truly,
Luc Block

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Luc Block- via email
Lichtelarestraat 16 - 9080 Lochristi - BELGIUM
Mobile ++32/495 53 46 28
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