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Azalea's & other pot plants Europe

Welcome to the page dedicated to flowers for the European market.
  • You can browse our catalogue by choosing one of the pages below.
  • To view the prices on these pages or to be able to order flowers, you will need a password which you can request by sending an email to
  • If you already received a password and are nog logged in already, please proceed to our login page.
Generic pricelist
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When you want to order flowers, select a page below
Page 1 AZALEA  azalea_arch Azalea Archets
  high_stage_45_50_cm Azalea High-stage diametre
  Azalea Indica
  pyramids Azalea Pyramids
Page 2 RHODODENDRON  rhodos Rhododendron
Page 3 BUXUS  buxus_hoofding Buxus
Page 4 HYDRANGEA  hydrangea_hoofding Hydrangea
Page 5 OTHER POT PLANTS  assortimento_mix2 Conifera
  fam_Crysant Crysant
  evonymus_hoofding Evonymus
  Other potplants
  Other potplants (Japonica)

Payment terms Europe
  • Plants immediatly ready to be sold : 30 days invoice
  • Other plants: 60 days

Contact Information:
Luc Block- via email
Lichtelarestraat 16 - 9080 Lochristi - BELGIUM
Mobile ++32/495 53 46 28
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